Deep Forest

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In the beginning this AOP seemed only suited for forest paintings and was therefore named Deep Forest. It was primarily meant for paintings with large, rough strokes but in the end I also made a version with thinner strokes. It now has several palettes and is hopefully also usable for other motives than trees.

Its 12 palettes are made of six different colour sets, each with rough and fine brushes. The brush size is locked to make the paintings more like real paintings. The difference between rough and fine is the size and shape of the detail brushes. The large and medium brushes are the same in all 12 palettes.

Landscape rough and fine
Palette based on the Landscape 2 palette.
History rough and fine
Colours from a colour chart over traditional house colours in rural Norway.
Milkwood rough and fine
Most of the colours on a colour chart from paint producer Milkwood.
Hopper rough and fine
Colours extracted from some of Edward Hopper’s paintings.
Munch rough and fine
Colours extracted from Edvard Munch’s Scream.
Pino rough and fine
Colours inspired by some of Pino Daeni’s paintings.

I usually run an Unsharp Mask filter on the finished painting to make the brush strokes slightly more prominent.

Examples with rough brushes:

Examples with fine brushes:

Download here:

Deep Forest

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