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Posted by Rocambole on Nov 18, 2012 in Misc |

f2stop has made some interesting AOPs. The portrait above is made with Nostalgia AOP. And here is a collection of f2stop’s AOPs!

Nostalgia AOP
This AOP attempts to recreate a generic old painting style. It includes a hint of pencil shading.

Yesterday AOP
This AOP uses a lengthy underpaint session to build up texture and color variation, then a deep dry reveal to return detail. Stop the painting immediately after the reveal step, or let the detail brushes kick in and continue for quite some time to add even more image depth. One quirk of the this AOP is that if there is a large block of red in the start image, the detail brush step sometimes adds a serendipitous spiral of tiny red and white brushstrokes above the block of color.

Portofino AOP
This AOP was designed to create a finely detailed reproduction of the original image. It works for many motives, and includes a variety of palettes specifically for portrait use.

Monocolor AOP
This AOP reduces the target image to grayscale plus one color, which you choose from the palette. Choices include blue, green, yellow, red and purple. You can also use the built-in impression palette to create a normally colored painting.

Sofia AOP
This AOP features long, ragged brushstrokes.

Quickstroke AOP
This AOP builds up a simplified image with broad, curved brushstrokes. Instead of detail, the final result will consist of bright colored strokes.

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