Master Portrait – Creating the Classic Impressionistic Portrait

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Portrait painted with no post process
Portrait painted with no post process – Detail from above image-:detail

I advise that you use the settings in the helpfiles  until you are more familiar with the template.

Here is a video which you can watch as a painting is in progress.

Despite you cannot see the mouse trail, I am doing all the strokes in the work where I want them. I don’t advocate letting this AOP do as it wishes. Watch in particular the “Dry Reveal” stage and notice that I had paused the Painting and was moving the slider up and down until I found a point which was kind of realistic/painterly – I then allowed “dry reveal to run”. Soon after you can see the paint strokes start to paint the fine details. I am guiding this all the way!!!! Sorry – no such thing as set and forget

One hint that will help you a lot. As you run DAP and work the image, if you see it has already done the steps for that brushsize, then downsize the brush in increments of 10-20% during the painting. This not only speeds up the process, but it also forces DAP to hunt for details. I usually end up on around a 30% approx brush when dry reveal kicks in. I do not, as you can see, allow DAP to go way past dry reveal. It isn’t necessary if you learn how to use the dry reveal stage to your advantage.

I apologize for the size of the video and warn that it is about 240MB, but it gives an excellent view to anyone who wants to see it happen before their eyes. [I am not a video maker at all].

To open the video, double click on the .swf, or on the HTML which will open internet explorer.

I truly hope this helps some of you get the best out of this AOP. It does work when the user can really comprehend the important steps – and this was done on an image that was not a really good size at all and is meant purely for this tutorial/help.

As you can see, this AOP is not what I would recommend for beginners, but more for advanced artists who are happy to do some post processing to truly bring out the best in what is painted.   The colors that DAP will give you are as is taught in art schools around the world and has it’s basis way back in time.  Two Palettes are from my friend “Rocambole”, an artist in his own right, and who I thank and credit for collaborating with me on this AOP Template.

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Help Files -:



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