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EdwardEdward Hopper (July 22, 1882 – May 15, 1967) was a prominent American realist painter and printmaker. While most popularly known for his oil paintings, he was equally proficient as a watercolorist and printmaker in etching. In both his urban and rural scenes, his spare and finely calculated renderings reflected his personal vision of modern American life. (Source: Wikipedia.)

Edward was my first AOP template and is probably a bit crude by today’s standards. Nevertherless it is still popular because of its almost vectorized, rotoscopic look. The palette colours are extracted from one of Edward Hopper’s most famous paintings. Despite this the resulting DAP paintings are obviously not quite like real Hopper paintings and therefore I named the template Edward instead of Hopper.

Tog_edwardTo make your paintings as Hopper-like as possible you should use photographs of lonely people in sterile, unfriendly environments, for example hotel lobbies, gas stations etc. Here an example from a train station.

I have also made Edward2 – a template exactly like Edward but with water colours instead of normal painting.

 This is a new version of Edward and Edward2 with som anomalies in the default palette removed. An extra palette has also been added, a version of the default Rainbow palette, to make the Edwards more compatible with all kinds of colours in the source photos.

The zipped archives contain both template and help files in separate folders.




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