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PosterPoster is an attempt to make paintings that are not quite like ordinary photographs but almost – only slightly simplified with fewer but stronger colours and more contrast that the original photos.

I made this template because I needed illustrations for posters at work and did not want to use ordinary, dull photographs.

The template comes with five colour schemes to make it capable of dealing with different types of pictures:

Poster2The Default palette has a wide variety og colours and can handle most normal conditions.

The Nature palette has a selection of natural colours like several blue tones for skies, some greens, browns and greys.

The Portrait palette has a few more skin tones than the others.

The Madonna palette has its colours from Edvard Munch’s Madonna and was originally made for a Munch AOP I never got finished. The Madonna palette is also useful for portraits.

The Night palette has a selection of night colours.

Poster2 is almost the same as Poster but a bit more stylized and with outlines.

Both templates need Dry Reveal turned on to work properly.

The zipped archives contain both templates and help files in separate folders.



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