Rainbow – the Technicolor airbrush

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Vegetables2_DAP_RainbowRainbow has a very colourful palette – hence the name Rainbow. It also has unusually soft brush strokes,  more like airbrush than ordinary brush.  This combination makes it possible for DAP to blend colours very effectively and thus create almost all kinds of colour shades. 

Rainbow has been tested on many types of photos from colourful sunsets to snowy winter mountains and even portraits and has so far managed to handle all the different colour combinations very satisfactorily – at least in the opinion of Rainbow’s humble creator.

 I usually let it run for about 7000–10 000 strokes (medium resolution) and reduce brush size during underpainting to about 50%. This speeds things up and the finished painting will have more details.

demo-RainbowThe first version of Rainbow had just one palette. This version has three:

The Rainbow palette is the original palette which has nearly “all the colours in the rainbow”. The image above is made with this palette. Use it for nature, both close-ups and big landscapes.

The Portrait palette (used on the image to the left) has some of the less used colours in portraits replaced by extra skin tones. The finished portrait is something between a photo and a drawing. I like it that way. If a painting is so hyperrealistic that you are not sure if  it’s a painting or a photograph then the painting is needless in my opinion – at least when it originates from a photo.

The Experimental palette has mostly metallic colour tones.  I hoped this would give a very different look but it didn’t. I kept it because it is a bit different after all and some of the test images have been  eyecatching. So maybe some users will find it interesting.

This is version no. 4 of Rainbow, uploaded October 26th, 2009. It seems that the previous upload, on October 22nd, had wrong alpha file. Sorry about that. If you are not happy with Rainbow please download the newest version and see if it works better.

The zipped archive contains both template and help files in separate folders.


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