Funky Acrylics

Posted by Mary Warner on Nov 19, 2009 in AOP Templates |

 Schwabacher Landing, the Tetons

A generic AOP using two textured palettes and a varied collection of brushes. Default result is more realistic but can be varied by moving the sliders. Does not require any user input to make a decent painting. The first palette (textured) is a glittery spattered texture. The second palette contains the same colors but has an angled stroke texture. There is no dry reveal stage for this unless you create a mask. 

Works best with landscapes, flowers and animals. Provides ok backgrounds for portraits but faces will require post-processing or combination with other AOPs. Default / recommended settings are 50%/50% Expressive / Realistic, 80% Wet, 50%/50% Faithful / Impress, 100% Real. Designed to run for 12,000 strokes. Paper canvas is used by default; try oil or a custom canvas for interesting variations.

Schwabacher Landing, the Tetons

Schwabacher Landing, the Tetons

Can be downloaded here: FunkyAcrylics

Created by: Mary Warner
November 2009.

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