Andy’s WaterColors 5 (Loose and Wet)

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Andy’s Water Colors 5 (Loose and Wet)

Textured large brush strokes, sharper small brush strokes followed by long thing brush strokes. This AOP asks for a portrait smudge mask, this allows the subject matter to perform a dry reveal so that it becomes more focused. 10 Palettes accompany this AOP to allow for a wide range of paintings.

The large textured brush stroke provide a faded and rough background, the textured medium strokes add a bit of depth and long thin brush strokes provide sharpened foreground. Dry reveal is used on the subject only in this AOP.

The default number of brush strokes should be optimal, if left in continous mode, your painting will become blurry beyond recognition. Be careful in continous mode.

This AOP does not work well with angles and sharp edges. Most suited for portraits or 2 subject painting. Make sure the subject is well centered, as the edges of the resulting painting will be blurred.

Results will look better with a high contrast photo.

Tip: Be sure subject is centered in Photograph before painting.

Here are some samples

Here’s the AOP



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