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Chinese AOP & Help

The original intent of this AOP was to see if I could emulate chinese black ink sketches. Well… that did not work out but the Chinese stroke brushes do make for a rather interesting painting.

This AOP has four palettes that are mostly brightness and saturation variations of the default palette. If you vary the Expressive-Realistic setting you can get some good color combinations.

This is not all that good for landscapes although some come out fine but it does work well for portraits and cityscapes and buildings and objects.

Do not be afraid to vary all the common settings as they can make a real difference. Also experiment with the amount of dry reveal – this will give some interesting results.

This AOP was created by A Necessary Evil (aka Dale Matteson).

Chinese AOP & Help

Apparently I had some difficulty with the first Help file I made available so I made corrections and put it up again. Hopefully everything is okay now.

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