Rough Sketch! AOP

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Rough Sketch! AOP & Help

I made an error in the first help file I put up – the image had a space in the file name and the html was looking for the file without the space. If you downloaded the first one you can either remove the space from the file name or redownload the above AOP zip that now has the correct name for the file.
I also put the correct AOP menu image in the zip.

Rough Sketch! AOP is meant to simulate quick sketching with a pen or a dark pencil on very smooth paper (no texture in the line). There are a couple color palettes in it but the main reason I created it was for the black and white line sketching effect. You can, of course, add any palettes you want to the AOP and tweak the color for your personal usage.

It is also quite interesting to use a (water)color AOP to block in background colors and then sketch over that with the black and white. I have included a couple samples here that show that effect.

This AOP was created in 2010 by ANecessaryEvil (Dale Matteson). Have fun with it.

Rough Sketch! AOP & Help

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Dec 13, 2010 at 10:59 am

Thanks a lot! I have used other AOPs for the background and Rough Sketch! for the details and am very pleased with the results.



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