How To Install Templates

Posted by admin on Oct 12, 2009 in DAP Guides

The new way (since 2.5.4)

A new way of installing templates with 2.5.4 and newer is now much simpler. The newly created templates should be distributed in a single archive file ‘*.dpk’. All you need to do is to go to menu Tools and select the item Install Template… then navigate to the dpk file.

The DAP will unpack all the files and put them where appropriate.

The dpk mime was added to the dap cafe so it can be now uploaded to the post as a media directly.

Note: User needs to have permission for DAP to write to Program Files folder because at this moment EVERYTHING is kept in the DAPainter folder instead scattered across various user folders as it is a custom in windows.

If you don’t have permission, you need to set ‘Run as Administrator’,
Here is how: When DAP is closed, Right click the DAP icon, select Properties, look under tab Compatibility (some windows version have it in Security tab) and check ‘Run this program as an Administrator’. This is the Vista/ W7 famous UAC that prevents normal users from writing files to Program Files.

For time being authors may to choose to distribute the template as both zipped files and dpk file, but after some period of time the zip files should be phased out.

The Old Way (pre 2.5.4) or if the template comes as a set of files from older posts.

AOP Template is a set of few files that should be un-zipped and placed in the “objectpacks” folder in the program folder. Read more…



Wax Crayon (just a visual sample)

Posted by admin on Oct 12, 2009 in AOP Templates

This is a test of a post that may be used as a visual guide.

Wax Crayons

Wax Crayons

This template creates Wax Crayon-like drawing.
Wax style is often suitable for architecture or any large well defined subject where details are not important. When using it for architecture correct the image for vertical perspective distortion first.
Let it run longer time to get some details into the image. You can easily increase speed (decrease Precision) without much downside.

Creator: Oscar
Version: 1.0

Read more…

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