Posted by Rocambole on Nov 26, 2010 in AOP Templates

Colorful AOP was made of remnants from the making of Landscape2 AOP – scanned brush strokes and color palettes which had not been used.

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Landscape 2

Posted by Rocambole on Nov 20, 2010 in AOP Templates

This new version of Landscape makes softer clouds and is also quite good at painting misty landscapes and beams of light in the forest.  It has two palettes, Day and Evening.

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Graphite Smudge

Posted by ghealy on Nov 13, 2010 in AOP Templates

This AOP was created by Donkey Engine in May 2010. Renders a nice coloured or B&W pencil drawing. This was posted to the old forum, but not previously loaded to the Cafe. So I’ve taken the liberty of doing so, so anyone who had not previously grabbed the AOP could now do so.

The AOP & the Help files are included in the ZIP file. Also included are two Impression files. Check out DAP’s help file on how to add impression files to an AOP.

Thanks Donkey Engine, where ever you may be today.

Graphite Smudge AOP & Help files




Posted by anecessaryevil on Nov 7, 2010 in AOP Templates

Chinese AOP & Help

The original intent of this AOP was to see if I could emulate chinese black ink sketches. Well… that did not work out but the Chinese stroke brushes do make for a rather interesting painting.

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