Posted by ghealy on Jul 21, 2011 in AOP Templates

AOP created by Mary Warner and uploaded to the Cafe with her permission.

An example of an image created with teh FunkyOil AOP with additional post workMary wrote the following about this AOP:

“This AOP is a fun attempt at imitating simple oil brush strokes and duplicating the colors in the underlying photo. There is no effort to mimic any known painter’s style. Works well with landscapes, animals, flowers and some portraits. Default/recommended settings are 50%/50% Expressive / Realistic, 90% Wet, 50%/50% Faithful / Impress, 100% Real. Experiment with the Wet / Dry setting for a slightly different look. Dry reveal does not run unless you create a mask. Use your mouse to bring out more detail.”

“There are 3 palettes which all use virtually the same colors. However, each has a different “brush” texture. Experiment to see which one works best on a particular painting. “Paper” canvas is used by default; try “oil” or a custom canvas for interesting variations.”

The AOP can be downloaded from here:


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