Classics AOP

Posted by Rocambole on Aug 3, 2011 in AOP Templates

During creation of new AOPs I make lots of brush strokes and colour palettes that I don’t use. But sometimes I find out that one certain set of strokes works better with another palette than the one it was meant for. Classics is a collection of four different styles made of previusly unused combinations of colour palettes and brush strokes.
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Pino AOP

Posted by Rocambole on Jul 15, 2011 in AOP Templates

Pino AOP is inspired by the art of the late Pino Daeni. 

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Emile Albert Gruppé

Posted by andydansby on Nov 17, 2009 in AOP Templates

Caribbean_Fishing_Sailboat_DAP_GruppeEmile Albert Gruppé (1896-1978) was an American painter born in Rochester, New York to Helen and Charles P. Gruppe. He lived the early years of his life in the Netherlands as his father Charles Paul Gruppe, painted with the Hague school of art and acted as a dealer for the Dutch painters in the US. The family returned permanently to the states around 1913 when rumblings of World War I were brewing. All of Emile’s siblings established themselves in the arts. Read more…

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Posted by andydansby on Nov 3, 2009 in AOP Templates

Lady_DAP_LautrecHenri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa or simply Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (24 November 1864 – 9 September 1901) was a French painter, printmaker, draftsman, and illustrator, whose immersion in the colourful and theatrical life of fin de siècle Paris yielded an œuvre of exciting, elegant and provocative images of the modern and sometimes decadent life of those times. Read more…

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Master Portrait – Creating the Classic Impressionistic Portrait

Posted by Ana Viktoria on Oct 18, 2009 in AOP Templates

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