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AOP created by Mary Warner and uploaded to the Cafe with her permission.

An example of an image created with teh FunkyOil AOP with additional post workMary wrote the following about this AOP:

“This AOP is a fun attempt at imitating simple oil brush strokes and duplicating the colors in the underlying photo. There is no effort to mimic any known painter’s style. Works well with landscapes, animals, flowers and some portraits. Default/recommended settings are 50%/50% Expressive / Realistic, 90% Wet, 50%/50% Faithful / Impress, 100% Real. Experiment with the Wet / Dry setting for a slightly different look. Dry reveal does not run unless you create a mask. Use your mouse to bring out more detail.”

“There are 3 palettes which all use virtually the same colors. However, each has a different “brush” texture. Experiment to see which one works best on a particular painting. “Paper” canvas is used by default; try “oil” or a custom canvas for interesting variations.”

The AOP can be downloaded from here:


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TexturedPaint AOP revisited

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Back in October 2009, Mary Warner posted this AOP. Unfortunately, the files were in the old forum and the links no longer work.  Mary has been quite busy and hasn’t been able to edit her original post.  As we can only edit our own posts,  I’ve decided to upload my copies so any who would like to download this AOP can do so.

Mary's sample image created from this AOP

The  file size prevents me from uploading the AOP into the Cafe.  So instead,  I’ve placed them on my account at Mediafire

The AOP  files are  in two parts:

The AOP itself which goes into the objectpack directory


The Help files  which go into the Help directory


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Dreamy Watercolors

Posted by ghealy on Jul 21, 2011 in AOP Templates

DreamyWatercolors AOP was created by Mary Warner and was posted in the old forum. Unfortunately, that is gone. The good news is Mary has agreed to allow me to upload my copy so others can enjoy her creativity.

Please note that the version I have did not include an image so I’ve taken the liberty to add one to the archive.

The first  image on the left is one of mine and was ran using default settings at 6 meg resolution. I find if you increase the outline setting one or two notches, you get a bit more definition as can be seen in the second image.  Also I’ll run this AOP usually at 10,000 strokes or better. All my personal tastes of course. As they say, YMMV

Download here:

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