How to contribute my own AOP, resource or painting?
Please create account in to the mmbforums then post your resource in appropriate section. Ask some of the DAP café Editors to permanently add it to this site.

How can I become author?
This is handled internally on the mmbforums.

What can be posted?
DAP  resources:  related to the Dynamic Auto Painter must be licenced under Creative Commons. That means other users should be able to use it freely with attribution to original author (with possible other restrictions specified under Creative Commons).
Paintings: Original paintings made (partially or fully) in DAP. Such work cannot beposted here and/or reproduced by others without original author agreement.

At any time any party may ask their work to be removed.

What cannot be posted?
Offensive material, commercial resources (such as commercial textures you not created by yourselves).

What will I gain when I register?
You will be able to post comments about the work, but you can’t post your stuff yet.


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